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The best fragrance/cosmetics warehouse sale in town

TIPS for navigating through Lisa’s Cosmetics 2017 Sale:

How to have the best shopping experience for you & your girls (AND Guys!!) this Holiday Season when visiting Lisa’s Warehouse 2017 Holiday Sale.

Hello my friends! Are you thinking of coming out this year to one of the biggest warehouse sales of the GTA? If so, then you’re on the right track (something I call “the beauty train”). This sale is not only one of the biggest warehouse sales of the GTA; Lisa’s Cosmetics Sale is your one stop shop for Holiday gift giving (and getting – from yourself!) with the biggest name brands in cosmetics and fragrances sold at unbelievably low prices – up to 80% off, what?! In my experience, the gift giving options at this sale are perfect for any shopper, and completely incomparable to other warehouse sales.

Not only am I a huge fan of the sale, I have become the best Lisa’s Shopper if I don’t say so myself! And if you’ve ever been to ANY limited time warehouse sale, I know you’ll agree that you’ve gotta be a tough shopper to truly enjoy yourself. I’m here to share my own tips with you as well as the best ones that I’ve found online with you to truly get the best experience this year at Lisa’s Sale.

Like always, in the months leading up to the Holiday season things can get really hectic – wherever you’re shopping, or just doing anything some days! I feel the struggle and that’s why I’m here. I’ll be so honest! This sale can get so, so very hectic. BUT, what helped me get through the hectic time is what I’m about to share with you!! Happy holidays – here is my gift to you! In order to calm those Holiday nerves, follow these tips – I’m sure your experience will change! Enjoy, share this to your friends! And I hope I can see you out there this HAULiday Season!

TIP#1: Dress in layers! And wear comfy clothes & shoes.

It can be chilly while you wait – and the wait CAN be kinda long. There is a tent this year (if you have attended previous when there was no tent) and it will shade off most rain and some of the wind. And, once inside the building you can take off one or two layers and still be comfy without holding a bulky wintery jacket. PLEASE dress warmly and accordingly to your needs (wear gloves, a hat of some kind, etc. – something you can shove in your bag inside, but stay super warm when outside)!! If you do feel the need to wear a heavier jacket – GRAB 2 (or 3 yes I see you ladies!) SHOPPING BAGS from the front entrance. You can throw your jacket in one and your shopping supplies in the other.

TIP#2: Come during less peak hours.

Come to the sale during slower times, and not peak hours. The sale starts at 10am and there will almost always be a huge line-up at AND before this time. Some people will shack up outside to get the best products, that are literally available just before the last days of the sale. THIS is from my experience!! I find that everything I loved was still there almost every year on the last days I attended the sale. Don’t stress! There is so much stock and you will find what you are looking for. Do yourself the favour of coming in the afternoon, on the second weekend of the sale or on Fridays/Mondays ~2-4 pm.

TIP#3: Keep busy in line!

A busy mind is happier. AND there are so many types of moisturizers available inside that ALL crustiness must be left outside :P. In all honesty. Keep busy, we’re all fighting the good fight at this sale. Everyone will go home happy if we start off happy!!

TIP#4: Purses, wallets, etc. – Carry light and compact.

If you can save the space to shop and get through the booths, do so. Only bring what you need in terms of payment (they accept cash, credit or debit/interac payment) – keep it in whatever wallet of yours is the smallest – preferably a crossbody purse or like, fanny pack. Desperate times call for 90’s measures!! Those are TWO tips from Lisa’s Cosmetics Sale Facebook followers that I would tell anyone, psst thank you Brenda Johnson & Jennifer Duern!! You know what’s good girls!

TIP# 5: Park further and leave sooner.

There are two parking lots, don’t hesitate to park in the second one even if the first isn’t full. This will allow you to leave sooner, with less cars following you with your bags to your car! But really, if you park in the second parking lot, when you leave you will most likely have more space to do so. And this sale will tire you out! Trust me, you will crave that quick exit like the candies you buy and decide they’re no longer a gift.

TIP#6: Like I said before… Bring your girls!! (and guys J)

You can indeed get by with a little help from your friends at Lisa’s SALE! Holidays are better when spent together, and the gifts only give more when you can get your girl’s/moms/sisters/brothers/best friend’s opinion. Believe me or not, I truly have more fun at this sale when I bring my friends and can share the savings with those I love! <3